A Scientific Method

"You want to know how to paint a perfect painting? It's easy. Make yourself perfect and then just paint naturally."
-Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Just like the scientific method our development phase starts off with LOTS of research. We start with a competitive set analysis… Products, price points, data research. We then cross it against existing data in the market place- find out who is really selling, and more specifically which brands are doing well based on their specific flavor profile. This is all in an effort to find an opening or untapped area for your idea. Good ideas stand on their own; great ideas are enabled for the people they are intended for.

Based on our research and the ideation phase we jump in the kitchen start working on “Benchtop Samples” which are a version of what would be called “prototypes" in other industries. Prototyping for mass production is a different process than just trying to make the best possible product … in a way we are actually trying to make the "best-worst version" of what will become the product. We want the finished item to be the best recipe that it can be when when it is being made at volume- the sort of recipe that will dazzle every time.

To that extent prototyping is a 30-60 days iterative process… which includes a business goals evaluation. Products need to make sense at every level for the goals of the business, and we need to make sure that the costs and external considerations are all understood. All of this builds up to working towards a “gold standard,” what we want the product to look and taste when it hit market.

The Gold standard will have a Organoleptic evaluation performed on it (visual appeal, smell, taste, texture) and it will be able to demonstrate the overall strength of concept, positioning and marketplace viability. And when we eventually sign off on a Concept we know that the product will be a success before the first one comes off the line.

The Process

There aren't any secrets to good development, it's research, hard work and testing that build great products

How to Do Great Development:
  • Research, and more Research
  • Test early, test often
  • Iterate until the benchtop samples are perfect

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