Mad-Men and Numbers

Marketing has over the last few years become increasingly data-driven and for this reason Culinary-Innovation has consistently put energy and resources to stay ahead of the game for how we help our clients market their products. Building a great product is not enough anymore. Technology has been a fantastic enabler for products that 10 years ago would never have made it to the shelf… now those same products have the opportunity to become huge sellers on the national scale.

Thus Culinary Innovation has put a lot into our Intellectual Property (marketing tools) and making a process that can be continually revised and enabled. Part of our process is to focus on making our actions data driven- line up our goals to what real information reflects about the marketplace. But a contrasting aspect of this is to create Multiple marketing Concepts that we can test to give a truer understanding of key strengths and weaknesses.

Our Process ends when our concepts are proven, prototypes will work & strong market position will lead us to guaranteed product usage in the market that we are choosing to join.

Our marketing strategy consolidated (Data driven marketing efforts):

  • Start with natural concepts and basic research
  • Target the consumer segment that you want
  • Validate campaign goals based on research
  • Create campaigns
  • A/B Test campaigns to see effective rates
  • Refine Further
  • A/B Test again
  • Finally Deploy marketing campaign

To accomplish all of this Culinary innovation has sourced a variety of marketing companies for each aspect of the process. By no means are you required to use our marketing systems, tools, or vendors. But we happily offer to help you in the selection process and to negotiate terms for any and all of your marketing needs


Marketing a product is both art and science... but almost never at the same time

How to Market
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Experiment with the best ideas
  • Iterate
  • Repeat

Culinary Innovation is a developer of HIGH QUALITY, highly specialized food products and food marketing. We focus primarily on creating prepared foods, designed for a retail environment, on behalf of third-party food companies.

We are in the business of creating award winning commercially successful products... if that sounds like something you are interested in Drop us a line and see if we are a good fit for your idea