Packaging is one of the first things that new product owners like to focus on… fortunately for us packaging is a strong point for Culinary Innovation. Here are a few of the focus points for how we build marketable packaging

Many times we get an idea of size, shape and scope of a product before we go into our design cycle, but that isn’t a guarantee.

Once we know any requirements we start with design. Everything from the look and feel of the package to the structural aspects of the packaging... Graphic thru industrial. You have under 3 seconds to grab the customer’s attention- that duration of time needs to be used wisely.

For our team, industrial design and graphic design go hand in hand. Its important that both sides of the design know how to work with each other and are able to articulately envelop the clients vision. Our Team has specialists in each major area of food packaging: Industrial design, Graphic Design, Food Styling, and photography. Each specialist is an industry veteran that knows about the details that will make your product stand out from the competition.


Design is more than just the look. Products that people buy extend their personalities, therefore you are ultimately trying to provide something that they are missing

  • A beautiful product still needs to fit on the shelf
  • There is a lot of info that needs to fit on a product

Culinary Innovation is a developer of HIGH QUALITY, highly specialized food products and food marketing. We focus primarily on creating prepared foods, designed for a retail environment, on behalf of third-party food companies.

We are in the business of creating award winning commercially successful products... if that sounds like something you are interested in Drop us a line and see if we are a good fit for your idea