Ingredients & Sourcing

Once a Co-packer has been chosen we immediately turn our attention to the sourcing of raw materials. Sourcing, like finding a Co-packer, varies based on the needs of the project, but the thing that doesn’t change is the need to have high quality and reliable providers.

Ingredients sourcing has a variety of tasks associated with it. We start of course with a research phase that often starts with our preferred vendors but isn't limited to people that we trust and have done business with. We have many existing relationships that are based on our experience with providers. The vendor's reputation, consistency, pricing, and quality service are all factors for the vendors that we recommend. For Culinary Innovation making price & product work is important to the success of the product so we are always looking for the best provider.

We may end up having to do additional research in the case of organic, USDA, Grass fed, Salmon Safe, Antibiotic free, and fair trade. This way we can make sure that a company’s qualifications are up to date and correct for the product. There’s no quicker way to mess up a product debut than to have a immediate recall.


Note-Worthy Bullets
  • Access to the best technolgoy
  • A Full Network of People
  • A chance to Experiment

Culinary Innovation is a developer of HIGH QUALITY, highly specialized food products and food marketing. We focus primarily on creating prepared foods, designed for a retail environment, on behalf of third-party food companies.

We are in the business of creating award winning commercially successful products... if that sounds like something you are interested in Drop us a line and see if we are a good fit for your idea